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Emergency alerts | Road works | Disruptions | Public Transport

What is gpost?

Forget snail mail.
gpost is the new post. It’s email to a street address.

Confused? Don’t worry the concept is very new. But it will soon be your new normal. gpost uses a one of a kind technology that allows you to send and receive information based on a street address.

gpost let's you send and receive info based on
  • where you are
  • where you live
  • where you work

Information that can make your life that bit easier and could help you stay safe in an emergency.

Emergency info and updates

If there’s a fire, flood, storm, natural disaster, evacuation or police operation happening near you – Emergency Services has the power to instantly send notifications and updates to every gpost user in the affected location.*

Disruptions and inconveniences

From roadworks to street closures, building works, public transport disruptions and over inconveniences – Councils, Roads and Public Transport Authorities, Infrastructure and Construction companies, can use gpost to let you know.*

Danger – panic button

If you’re in danger, your safety is threatened or you’re hurt and need assistance – the gpost Panic Button will send a HELP alert to other users nearby so that they can come to your aid. It can also alert family or friends you’ve listed.

Getting started


Register your street address

We then verify it. Then gpost Partners and users can send info to directly to you based on your street address.


Register locations of interest

Where you work, your loved ones addresses, other properties you own, places you frequent (stations, schools etc). When a gpost Partner puts info out affecting these places – you’ll get it.


Get family and friends on board

Encourage your family and friends to get gpost. That way, if you’re in danger, in an accident, or need help you can use the gpost Panic Button to get it.

Using gpost
Instant alert notifications

when there is information that needs your immediate attention.

Send and receive information

the same way as you use your email account (except it’s to a street address not an email address)

Call for help in an emergency

push the panic button to alert family and friends and 000.

What's To Come?
Be a pioneer

Be among the first to embrace the power of this new technology. Help us realise the potential and value gpost can bring to our everyday lives and the lives of people throughout the world.

gpost knows no boundaries

The possibilities really are endless. Just launched in Australia and currently in BETA mode, gpost is set to change the way we receive and send information, forever.

In the not too distant future, gpost hopes to secure the necessary partners to provide you with all the info you need, in one single app – whether you’re at home, at work, out and about, or on the other side of the world.

gpost has the power to transform our lives

To make it possible for Emergency Services to get us critical information in an emergency. To make our daily lives that little bit easier, by alerting us to disruptions and inconveniences. To get those nearby to come to our aid in an emergency or when we’re in danger. To allow us to connect and engage with others in our local community

Information and updates come from gpost partners, not gpost.

We simply make it possible for them to send out location specific information quickly.

WIFI or mobile internet connection is essential

You will only receive alerts and updates when connected to the internet.